Recipe #22: Stuffing

T’is the season folks! Here at sistersizzle we LOVE the ThanksMas season because not only do we get to look forward to a reunion with family and friends whom we’ve not seen for months, but we also have a sweet (and savoury) reunion with many dishes from which we (may have) abstained during the year.

For this sizzlin’ sister, the first dish which ALWAYS comes to mind during this season is  STUFFING!  DSC08946I dunno, stuffing just doesn’t taste right to me unless it’s being consumed between November and January… although I have been known to put away quite a bit of stuffing WHENEVER it’s been served…but I digress… I got this recipe from an old cookbook that my grandmother sent me about a decade ago! It’s a real shame that this is the first time I’m using the book but the good news is, it turned out so well, it certainly won’t be the last!

You’ll notice from the pics that the bread cubes are perhaps larger than what is considered normal. Why? Because that’s the way I like it… simple =). Also, I used Jamaican hardo bread because I tend to like a firmer, heavier stuffing… not that light, airy, flavoured air that Stovetop has gotten me used to (I say that but I LOVE Stovetop stuffing, oy, what a contradiction!)!


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