Calling All Tennis Roll Lovers!

A few months ago, my sister and I attempted  to make  traditional Guyanese tennis rolls. The result? Near perfect taste with the texture, density and weight of a rock bun! It was a great learning experience but we know that we’ll need to practice more to get it right.

But here lies the problem : how can one practice without a guide? How can we know where we went wrong and how we need to adjust?

Finding tennis roll recipes and step by step preparation tips are impossible to find in print and sparsely available online. This iconic Guyanese dish is missing from the renowned What’s Cooking in Guyana Cookbook and we were able to find only one tennis roll recipe online (at the Guyana Outpost website) which has inspired several customizations,  like this blogger’s adaptation and this one published by Cynthia Nelson in the Stabroek News. Even Cynthia, an accomplished food writer, admits that making these deliciously unique rolls at home is a special art that goes beyond a mere recipe on a page.

In light of the above frustrations, we’re looking to start a group of men and women who are interested in sharing their tennis roll recipes and expertise with others and learning and carrying on this tradition no matter where we live. So…

Calling all tennis roll makers! Calling all those looking for tennis roll recipes! We know that we are not the only folks who know how rewarding a fresh Guyanese tennis roll can be and are struggling to make it at home.

If you know how to make tennis rolls, want to know how to make tennis rolls or are just curious about why we’re making such a big deal about a roll,  would you consider emailing us at sistersizzle AT or commenting on this post? Our goals are to

  1. find more tennis rolls recipes 
  2. learn techniques about how to make them (both in terms of taste and texture)
  3. if possible, find out where tennis rolls came from and why they are native to Guyana (aren’t you curious about where the name ‘tennis’ rolls came from? I know I am)

I have full faith that we can all learn from one another and serve picture perfect (texture and all) tennis rolls at our own breakfast tables in no time. Thanks in advance.

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