Recipe #26: Rotli

Whoever said ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’ was, though I’m sure well intentioned, astonishingly wrong! This is particularly true in the case of my botched attempt to make Rotli.

Now I’m no expert in cultural foods or whatever but being from a Caribbean country which is heavily Indo-centric, I’ve come to LOVE Indian foods, especially Roti. SOOOO fast forward a few years and I’m living in the UK when my Gujarati friend invites me to her home. Not only does her mom make Rotli for me, but she makes it look easy (a VERY dangerous observation for an amateur foodie). The next weekend inevitably finds me neck deep in flour and butter…

The result:


I suppose it is some consolation that it was more damaging to my ego than to my gut…

Everything was wrong, I didn’t use chapatti/rotli flour- I used regular flour; I didn’t have a gas stove with a flame burner- I used an electric; I didn’t have the right kind of rolling pin- a nice thin smooth one- I was using a clunky, heavy one; I didn’t use ghee, I used butter… sigh. I suppose the entire operation was a recipe for disaster all along. It was a total flop, and a complete disappointment… ironically, it was also totally and completely all eaten up before nightfall haha- although it didn’t look right AT ALL, it didn’t taste half bad!

Anyway, the least we can do after showing you the absolute WRONG way to go about making Rotli, is show you the work of a pro… perhaps she can tell me what I did wrong! But beware, Gujerati Girl also makes it look easy! x

Fail of the Week! Mrs. Mulford’s Pear and Ginger Cake

This week’s Fail of the Week comes all the way from the UK! Many thanks to Mrs. Mulford at Mrs Mulford’s Cakes for submitting her recipe fail for us to use!

We’ve all been there Mrs Mulford, halfway through a recipe and we think we can make it better by going in the opposite direction of the recipe and doing our own thaaaang haha! Kudos to you though because it still came out as something edible which is more than we can say for most of our cooking fails! And although you’ve given it the title of the world’s ugliest cake, that hasn’t put us off wanting to make it ourselves!

Check out the full story here in the humourously honest ‘Outtakes’ section of Mrs. Mulford’s blog!

And remember, half of cooking is having a sense of humour (more like 3/4 in our case), so, if you’ve got a cooking fail or ‘outtake’, send it to us and we’ll feature it on our ‘Wall of Shame‘, all for the sake of solidarity…and of course a few laughs!

Fail of the Week!

SO, in the spirit of falling off the horse, getting trampled by the horse and getting up and getting right back up on the horse (ooh that’s a mouthful), we’re starting a Cooking Fail of the week ‘competition’! It’s more than just a chance to laugh at someone else’s misfortune though (although that is a BIG part hehe), it’s about sharing our imperfections with others as well as encouraging each other not to throw in the towel, but to try it again!

Each week we’ll reblog one epic cooking fail. Simply share your cooking fail blog post with us and midweek each week we’ll select one to reblog! Simple right?!

We’re looking for epic failure, of course, but also a knowledge of what went wrong/plea for information about what went wrong, a resilient spirit and an optimistic non-defeatist attitude! We’ll kick things off this week with Amy at Afternoon Popcorn Snack’s self proclaimed “Epic Cake Fail”, enjoy!

Once again, here’s what you do:

Step 1: FAIL at a recipe (simple enough)

Step 2: BLOG about it (have a laugh, chances are someone else has failed at it too)

Step 3:  SHARE it with us (shoot us an e-mail at or just use the Guestbook)

If you can’t wait a whole week to get your ‘fail fix’ check this out. It’s a whole site dedicated to cooking fails! THIS is where you go when you want to feel better about your own cooking fails people!

Recipe #8 : Fail : Tennis Rolls

Ok, so a few weeks ago, we decided to try a dish which was a staple in our childhood. Tennis rolls- plump, sweet rolls whether filled with pb and j, cheese or just plain or with butter, were always a crowd pleaser. Now, miles away from our country of birth and decades away from our childhood, our mouths still water at the mention of this bread! So, in a desperate attempt to relive just one childhood breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack, we set out to make Tennis Rolls in our ‘old age’ and in our own kitchens.

One word: FAIL

They were rock hard and dry- more like buns than bread actually. The only thing that made them slightly redeemable (after all we DID manage to consume ALL 26 of them in less than 2 days) was that the flavour was dead on! Turns out the secret to the flavour of tennis rolls is, wait for iiiiiiit, LEMON ZEST! I mean, who’da thunk it??

Just to paint a picture of just how big a fail ours were though, THIS is what tennis rolls are supposed to look like:

De Cupcake Criminal’s Tennis Rolls

THIS is how the tennis rolls in the recipe we used looked:

Tastes Like Home’s Tennis Rolls

and THIS is what ours looked like:

:S I mean we don’t know what went wrong! Was the yeast not potent? Was the recipe itself bogus? Was it our technique? WERE THE STARS NOT PROPERLY ALIGNED?!?!

Please share your recipe fails with us and make us feel better ESPECIALLY if you know what we did wrong here. We’d LOVE to try it again!