Fail of the Week! Mrs. Mulford’s Pear and Ginger Cake

This week’s Fail of the Week comes all the way from the UK! Many thanks to Mrs. Mulford at Mrs Mulford’s Cakes for submitting her recipe fail for us to use!

We’ve all been there Mrs Mulford, halfway through a recipe and we think we can make it better by going in the opposite direction of the recipe and doing our own thaaaang haha! Kudos to you though because it still came out as something edible which is more than we can say for most of our cooking fails! And although you’ve given it the title of the world’s ugliest cake, that hasn’t put us off wanting to make it ourselves!

Check out the full story here in the humourously honest ‘Outtakes’ section of Mrs. Mulford’s blog!

And remember, half of cooking is having a sense of humour (more like 3/4 in our case), so, if you’ve got a cooking fail or ‘outtake’, send it to us and we’ll feature it on our ‘Wall of Shame‘, all for the sake of solidarity…and of course a few laughs!

Recipe # 15: Sweet Potato / Spaghetti Squash Galette

This dish gets 4 thumbs up from the sizzling sisters! I’ve never wished for more thumbs as badly as I do right now! If i had them I’d proudly thrust them into the air in glorious approval of Baker Becky‘s Butternut Squash Galette!

We mixed it up a bit though. I suppose butternut squash must be out of season so I used Sweet Potatoes and puff pastry (as pictured) and my sister used Spaghetti Squash and shortcrust pastry, and instead of pancetta -none of us fancied eating pork belly- we used bacon and chorizo sausage (without the casing, see above comment about not fancying pork innards). It couldn’t have been easier to assemble and in typical sistersizzle style, a dollop of sour cream was ‘garnish’ enough to bring this dish home!

This recipe comes highly recommended from us here at sistersizzle but you know, you don’t have to take our word for it! Try it for yourself and leave a review! It’ll be a go-to dish for us and will definitely be gracing our kitchens again!  Check out Baker Becky here and her delicious selection of sweet and savoury dishes!

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Recipe #14: Avocado Potato Salad

It’s rare that these two sizzling sisters both dislike a dish.

We don’t get it! What went wrong? We both love potato salad, and we both love avocados. Putting the two together just seemed like a matter of time and genius!

It was altogether too dry and too bland; disappointing for a dish this easy! Also, it’s best if it’s all gone in one day because it seems the avocados uhhh ‘age’ faster than the other ingredients in the mix, so you may end up the next day with potato salad which tastes just a bit off due to the avocados!

Next time we have a picnic, we won’t be bringing the potato salad, for sure! At least not this recipe!

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And the winner is…

*.*Baker Becky!*.*                 

Congratulations Becky, and thanks for participating! You were the first person to successfully guess the mystery dish for this week: Avocado Potato Salad!

This means that next week we’ll be making one of your dishes, and we have to admit, it hasn’t been easy choosing! Check out her entire recipe selection here.

We had originally shortlisted it to Homemade Twix Bars, Dulce de Leche Cupcakes, Mushroom and Carmelized Onion Tart and Butternut Squash Galette.

It wasn’t easy but eventually we decided on Butternut Squash Galette! It’s a completely new type of dish for us and let’s be honest, it looks delicious! It also looks challenging for a couple of amateur cooks such as ourselves but we’re looking forward to it!

Keep checking in with us for the next mystery dish, we could be cooking your dish next!

just what i needed to see today, i’ve been feeling SUPER mac and cheese-y lately!

Vegetarian 'Ventures

I’m going to take a break from posting about our Seattle/Portland trip and post a recipe. This recipe was inspired by our Seattle trip since we picked up some yummy homemade pasta at Pike’s Place last weekend.The large stand we bought it from was totally overwhelming with dozens of flavors of homemade pasta laying out for you to choose from. They had everything ranging from chocolate pasta to southwestern pasta (aka some pieces tasted like corn, some like peppers, etc)- check out all the flavors here. We ended up purchasing the ‘Chive Garlic Sea Shells’ because Wyatt was sold on it the minute the guy said it worked great with homemade macaroni and cheese.

And to be completely honest, the guy was totally right. This bake was beyond perfect on a chilling Friday night. The mounds of gooey cheese paired perfectly with the garlic and chive flavor of the…

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