Vegetarian Series: Orange Chocolate Cheesecake (Vegan)

We were wrongDSC09404

We were wrong when we pitied vegetarians and ESPECIALLY vegans for not being able to partake in our oh-so-often omnivorous spread of devilishly delectable desserts! We were wrong when we dismissed the thought of going vegetarian or vegan because we simply couldn’t do without dessert!  And we were wrong when we thought that all vegans ever eat are dry, characterless seeds and roots and leaves!

Just when I started thinking that this vegetarian series was going to be boring and personality-less, I googled “vegetarian desserts” on a whim and, as if by kismet, I was led to this picture on this Pinterest page. I followed the trail and eventually came across the recipe here, compliments of fettlevegan (check out her blog and try some of her recipes… such insight, such innovation!).

Anyway, since then, my life  hasn’t been the same!

Somehow, in the blender, DSC09379the individual cashews died and were collectively resurrected as a smooth, creamy, thick, rich ‘batter’, that, with a splash of OJ, orange extract and agave syrup, and just a breath of cocoa powder, attained the gastronomical equivalent of sainthood.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before! Next time I make this -because, there will be a next time- I think I’m gonna replace the cashews with hazelnuts, or at least toss a couple of ’em in there. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up inventing my own vegan ‘nutella’ cheesecake recipe! In fact, you know what, I think I just might do that!

As it turns out, vegans aren’t necessarily missing out on all the fun!

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