Recipe #23 WannaBe: Butterscotch Pudding

Recipe #23 is Butterscotch Pudding, a classic recipe taken from the famous “Joy of Cooking” cookbook.

I loved the simplicity of this recipe, 7 or 8 ingredients (that you would normally already have in your pantry) and very few steps to completion. What I was hoping for was a sweet dessert that I could sample little by little after dinner over the course of a week or so. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the end result. The dessert had the right texture but it definitely wasn’t something I could eat little by little, night after night. It was sweet, yet bland, smooth yet tiresome to eat. These maddening contradictions meant that much of what was made had to be thrown out :(.  Given the popularity of several butterscotch recipes, it may very well be that, though I love things like butterscotch flavored fudge, I just simply do not have a taste for the raw dessert.

Here is a glimpse of the cooking process, which shows the fact that I tried to caramelize the top of the pudding with some sugar and my creme brulee torch which only made the dish marginally better:

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