Guess The Dish!! – Game Guidelines

Step 1) We provide one or more photos corresponding to ingredients in a dish we plan to make on a given weekend. Note that some of the ingredients will be shown in its container while some will be shown without any labeling. This makes it a little harder to read ingredients off the cartons and plug them into recipe searches … but not too hard 🙂

Step 2) You submit your best guess as to what that dish is before the weekend is up. Only one entry per person please!

Step 3) We reveal the answer and also announce the reader that guessed the dish first. If no one guessed the correct dish, we will pick the one who came the closest.

Step 4) We pick a recipe on your food blog to complete the following week. If you do not have a food blog, we pick a recipe from a food blog you enjoy or work with you to decide what to make.

Step 5) We feature your recipe on our blog after we prepare and enjoy it.

Please help us step out of our comfort zone and participate in Guess that Dish! Feel free to tell your friends as well 🙂

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