Vegetarian Series: Aloo Jeera

Spicy, aromatic, simple! Manjula was absolutely right! DSC09285

We’ve always been partial to Indian food largely, we think, because we grew up in a country where the majority of the population is East Indian. But to be able to replicate that authentic flavour and even aroma, in our own kitchen, no way! Right? WRONG! With Manjula’s help we were able to do just that!

The kind folks at Manjula’s Kitchen walked us through this recipe step by step.

As usual, there were some substitutions: instead of green chillies, we used Scotch Bonnet peppers (because they’re locally sourced and we’re big on that), we couldn’t find, much less pronounce the asafetida, so we went without it, and as per Manjula’s suggestion, we replaced the mango powder with lemon juice.

And if we can be so bold as to make a suggestion ourselves, we think it would be a superb idea to boil the potatoes in salt water instead of adding it later (it tends to hold the flavour a bit better that way).

Find the recipe here and try it yourselves. If you like spicy, aromatic dishes which couldn’t be simpler to make, we have a feeling you won’t be able to get enough of Aloo Jeera!

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