Recipe #28: Cherry Clafouti

Not being able to pronounce Clafouti was hardly a deterrent for us in making this dish. This is one we’d been itching to make for quite a while and it’s definitely going to go down as one of the most surprising dishes we’ve made this past year!

Chef John’s recipe was, as usual, super easy to follow and the recipe itself was totally uncomplicated in terms of the ingredients and method. We basically mixed the thing together, stuck it in the oven and sat down to a game of Dutch Blitz (BUY THE GAME!!) in another room while the laws of thermodynamics did the rest!

IMG_1843When it was done, we brought it to the table to be sampled by our card mates… I’ll say about 10 minutes later, the empty Clafouti pan was ready for the dishwasher!

A few things though… as we’d had a bit of the custard left over we decided to pour it into two soup bowls and bake.  These bowls were the first batch of the Clafouti to be completely devoured! They puffed up nice and huge, like big, sweet, custard-y balloons and were hollow inside! Who would’ve guessed, right??  Even without the cherries, the custard itself was so flavourful; it actually reminded us of a waffle cone. We began to think that we could perhaps do another Clafouti- minus the cherries- and spread it a bit thinner like a crepe…and fill it with ice-cream… sort of like an ice-cream sandwich/crepe! We also used Maraschino cherries (you know, the candied variety). We, uh, won’t be doing that again haha, invest in some real fruit people! Enjoy!


    • haha luck favours the persistent! you’ll win him yet! and of course we encourage you to try it because we loved it so much! I’ll tell you, I don’t think we expected it to taste quite so good! let us know how it turns out (and if it’s brought your husband over to the dark side of desserts!)

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