Recipe #26: Rotli

Whoever said ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’ was, though I’m sure well intentioned, astonishingly wrong! This is particularly true in the case of my botched attempt to make Rotli.

Now I’m no expert in cultural foods or whatever but being from a Caribbean country which is heavily Indo-centric, I’ve come to LOVE Indian foods, especially Roti. SOOOO fast forward a few years and I’m living in the UK when my Gujarati friend invites me to her home. Not only does her mom make Rotli for me, but she makes it look easy (a VERY dangerous observation for an amateur foodie). The next weekend inevitably finds me neck deep in flour and butter…

The result:


I suppose it is some consolation that it was more damaging to my ego than to my gut…

Everything was wrong, I didn’t use chapatti/rotli flour- I used regular flour; I didn’t have a gas stove with a flame burner- I used an electric; I didn’t have the right kind of rolling pin- a nice thin smooth one- I was using a clunky, heavy one; I didn’t use ghee, I used butter… sigh. I suppose the entire operation was a recipe for disaster all along. It was a total flop, and a complete disappointment… ironically, it was also totally and completely all eaten up before nightfall haha- although it didn’t look right AT ALL, it didn’t taste half bad!

Anyway, the least we can do after showing you the absolute WRONG way to go about making Rotli, is show you the work of a pro… perhaps she can tell me what I did wrong! But beware, Gujerati Girl also makes it look easy! x


    • haha well it’s always good to know that I’m not alone when it comes to recipe fails =D…I definitely will be getting back up and trying this one again especially after Urvashi’s encouraging comments below! x

  1. I think this is a brilliant first attempt! You must also remember that we Gujerati Girls start around the age of eight and have made about 50 a day since!
    My suggestion would be to use veg oil instead of butter or ghee and bind with water. Knead to work the gluten a little. Plain or wholemeal flour is fine. I use that when I run out of chapatti flour too. Your dough looks too heavy from the picture which is why your edges are crinkly and not smooth. This is what I used to be reprimanded for also. Try following the measures on my blog and let me know if that works any better for you.
    The rolling pin – velun – is good at directing the dough and thus making a perfect round and ensuring whole thing is an even thickness. Your rounds look pretty good though, I would just make them thinner.
    Good luck! Urvashi@GujeratiGirl xxx

    • Wow! thanks SO much for your comment! I was soooo embarrassed to post this but I’m so glad I did because your response was so gracious and encouraging and it’s giving me the courage to try it again! I hope to make a second attempt sometime next week (using your method of course) and i’ll definitely update you on my progress! x

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