Recipe #24: Spicy Crab Tomato Bisque (with avocado!)

The word that sticks with me when I think of this soup is “gourmet”. While the ingredient list for this appetizer is simple, it looked and tasted like something I would receive at a 5 star restaurant. I have never made another recipe that felt so carefully made – in 20 minutes no less!

Recipe #24 is Spicy Crab Tomato Bisque. The recipe was taken from Chef John’s reliable FoodWishes blog. Tomato soup, crab meat, seasonings (Cayenne and Old Bay), butter and green onions are the only ingredients needed for this memorably appetizer. The soup and crab meat are precooked, which freed me up to concentrate on blending the ingredients nicely. I added avocado and pretzels for presentation and thought that everything came together beautifully and effortlessly.

One big takeaway from this recipe was Chef John’s recommendation to serve soup in hot bowls which will prevent your soup from cooling too quickly. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

As always, here are some photos illustrating how things turned out:


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