Recipe #21: Pastel de Tres Leches

Not for the lactose intolerant!

Since having a variation of this cake at Las Iguanas in the UK, I’ve been in love and lusting after it, so imagine my excitement at the prospect of getting to produce this in my own kitchen!

I’m really surprised I wasn’t more turned off by a dish whose title basically translates to ‘Cake of Three Milks’ in English. Three milks?? I barely can stomach 1 milk! But, I don’t know, somehow the thought of eating 3 milks (and the fact that over half the population of my home is lactose intolerant) didn’t prove a strong enough deterrent; alas the allure of  melt in your mouth sponge drenched in rich rum-y caramel-y sauce was too strong to resist.

We at sistersizzle thank the Pioneer Woman for helping us brave this previously uncharted territory. Now defiant and intrepid, we shall no longer fear this land flowing with milk and… honey? Though we may not very soon return to this sweet but hostile territory (read earlier comment about lactose intolerance), we proudly plant our flag, just like we plunged our forks, into the cake’s inviting body, and each time we stare upon it’s fluttering face we shall boast, triumphant, “we caved (to the temptation), we sampled (in large unapologetic chunks), we conquered (our crippling hesitance to ingest copious amounts of dairy)!

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