Recipe #18: Peach Cobbler

We’ve been waiting to do this one for a loooooooong time! This sweet, pleasant dessert is a summertime classic but as the long hot days of summer give way to the crisp cool breezes of fall, it seems peach cobbler does well to help ease us through the transition.

This cobbler was a piece of cake to make and was  definitely a crowd-pleaser here at home! Chef John’s recipe couldn’t have been easier to follow and his ‘secret ingredient’, Chinese five spice, was just the thing to kick this dish up a notch! Invest in this product people!

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The dish we used was deeper than the one Chef john’s uses in his video but all that meant was slightly less crust and slightly more custard-y, pudding-y, peach-y filling; no one seemed to mind! A scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream and a dash of cinnamon on top completed the look, and helped make for a dessert than can best be described as juuuust peachy! =)


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