Recipe #17: Beef Stroganoff

Today marks the beginning of our steady march to complete 31 recipes by the end of the year. We started off with a bang in January but took a break during the summer due to major events like dissertation writing and wisdom tooth extractions – I can’t tell which one was more painful :]. Over the next 8 weeks, we will complete 16 recipes – 2 every week – bringing us to the goal we set at the beginning of the year. We’ve never moved through recipes so quickly but learning new recipes and enjoying the highs and lows that it brings is well worth it. Let the games begin!

Here, we have Traditional Beef Stroganoff – traditional in the sense that there were no fancy customizations to a classic beef strogranoff recipe you might have come across – beef, mushrooms, pasta and spices. What I did do however, is mix ingredients and steps from three different recipes from the following Chefs/Blogs :

To add to the confusion, I also made three different sets of noodles to go with the stew because why choose between chow-mein, wholewheat noodles and pasta shells?

The recipes were easy to follow and I’ve learned from this experience that I like cooking beef more than other meats. It is not nearly as smelly as chicken or fish. I was also shocked at how many types of mushrooms exist : crimini (the ones I used), shitake, white, baby bella, portabella, chanterelle … each with its own purpose and flavor. The funny thing is that the first thing that came to my mind after scanning the mushroom shelf was “I hope there is a mushroom Illustration over at IllustratedBites”. Imagine my surprise when I found a mushroom illustration available as a desktop wallpaper download. This was a pleasant surprise and a fun way to learn to identify the one you want.

But back to the dish at hand : Although, I think I left the stew simmering a bit too long, it went very well with the pastas and will probably supply at least a few lunches this week. Not the most memorable recipe we’ve made this year, but it was a success in my kitchen today.

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