Recipe # 15: Sweet Potato / Spaghetti Squash Galette

This dish gets 4 thumbs up from the sizzling sisters! I’ve never wished for more thumbs as badly as I do right now! If i had them I’d proudly thrust them into the air in glorious approval of Baker Becky‘s Butternut Squash Galette!

We mixed it up a bit though. I suppose butternut squash must be out of season so I used Sweet Potatoes and puff pastry (as pictured) and my sister used Spaghetti Squash and shortcrust pastry, and instead of pancetta -none of us fancied eating pork belly- we used bacon and chorizo sausage (without the casing, see above comment about not fancying pork innards). It couldn’t have been easier to assemble and in typical sistersizzle style, a dollop of sour cream was ‘garnish’ enough to bring this dish home!

This recipe comes highly recommended from us here at sistersizzle but you know, you don’t have to take our word for it! Try it for yourself and leave a review! It’ll be a go-to dish for us and will definitely be gracing our kitchens again!  Check out Baker Becky here and her delicious selection of sweet and savoury dishes!

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