Fail of the Week! Mrs. Mulford’s Pear and Ginger Cake

This week’s Fail of the Week comes all the way from the UK! Many thanks to Mrs. Mulford at Mrs Mulford’s Cakes for submitting her recipe fail for us to use!

We’ve all been there Mrs Mulford, halfway through a recipe and we think we can make it better by going in the opposite direction of the recipe and doing our own thaaaang haha! Kudos to you though because it still came out as something edible which is more than we can say for most of our cooking fails! And although you’ve given it the title of the world’s ugliest cake, that hasn’t put us off wanting to make it ourselves!

Check out the full story here in the humourously honest ‘Outtakes’ section of Mrs. Mulford’s blog!

And remember, half of cooking is having a sense of humour (more like 3/4 in our case), so, if you’ve got a cooking fail or ‘outtake’, send it to us and we’ll feature it on our ‘Wall of Shame‘, all for the sake of solidarity…and of course a few laughs!


  1. I’d forgotten about this, ha ha, it’s so ugly but I could still eat it now! Looks like you’re doing better looking things on your front page 🙂 , thanks for sharing luv from Pauline aka Mrs M!

    • haha lol yes, we’ve been trying some new things and experimenting a bit. haha we get lots of attention thanks to you Pear and Ginger cake haha, people’s first question is almost always “what is that??” haha thanks for stopping by and love to you too!

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