Guess That Dish!!

Tis the season of dissertation writing and long hours at the office so it’s been a while since our last post – but we’re still kicking and eager to share our next recipe! So, as promised, here is our second round of Guess That Dish! –  a fun game that helps us try recipes that readers recommend.

Read the guidelines and enjoy!

Here is our second round : Based on the ingredients below, what will we be making this weekend? You have until end of day Friday, July 20th (in all timezones) to respond.

Submit your entries in the form below. Don’t use the comments for your entry submissions! But feel free to use it for other things like smack talk, bragging and general speculations on the game and/or the ingredients 🙂

Remember, if you are the first to guess correctly, then we will happily (and gratefully) devour your blog and pick a recipe to complete NEXT WEEK.

All the best!

Note : Some of the beautiful images for this post came from the following sites :

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