It’s like walking through a common Caribbean back yard!

Tan Rosie Caribbean Food Blog

On a recent visit to the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago, we went on a culinary mission to seek out the very best local Tobagonian food. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it!

This blog post takes you through some of the fruit, veg and pulses we found on our tour of the island. Some of which you will know and some you won’t. But we hope you’ll enjoy reading.

Tobago is situated in the southern part of the Caribbean and as you may know already, it’s sister island is Trinidad. They share some culinary traits within their dishes, but they also have some unique combinations.

The island has a vast array of tropical fruit trees, vegetables and pulses. On our travels around Tobago, we took some photos of various fruit and veg in their natural habitat. Have a look at some images below.

Tamarind is…

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