Germany: Currywurst

I shall never understand Currywurst.


Coming from the Caribbean where curry is not only a staple, but an art, the casual dusting of raw curry powder on top of ketchup here strikes me as positively profane and bordering on blasphemous.

Most often served fast food/diner/greasy spoon style with fries (and onions so I hear), Currywurst is beloved by many and has become a German tradition. There is even a -wait for it- Currywurst Museum! And if you think the Currywurst Museum is a museum dedicated entirely to the currywurst then you couldn’t be more RIGHT- it is exactly that! It seems this curried sausage has received quite the cult status in Germany and I highly doubt that this will change in the near future. It’s not odd, after all, for countries to have cherished foods which locals revere with great pride and patriotism but which couldn’t seem odder to outsiders.

While most people seem unable to get enough of currywurst, for this sizzling sister, currywurst is more like the worst curry I’ve ever had. At the same time, while it’s clear that I don’t ‘get’ currywurst, I shall polish off my opinion of it nicely and shelve it in the memorable and honorable annals of weird national dishes along with the French Canadian poutine, the English banger, the American hotdog and perhaps even the Jamaican patty… actually I take that back, I get the Jamaican patty!

Don’t take my word for it though, find out for yourselves! Germany would be glad to have you!


  1. Hi! Great that the first comment on the Currywurst comes right from Germany 🙂 You’re definetely right. We Germans do love our Currywurst which is a suassage made out of pork meat. Depending on where (North/South) you order a Currywurst you’ll get a red saussage (similar to a wiener but not comparable) or a “Thüringer” which is a white-greyish looking saussage.
    The name Currywurst doesn’t only link to the powdered curry that finished off the saussages but the ketchup is seasoned with curry as well. It’s more like a curry-BBQ sauce.
    If you come to Germany there are two places that are very famous for its Currywurst: first of all our capital Berlin and secondly the city of Wolfburg…home of Volkswagen/VW. VW started a tradition with its Currywurst and it’s the best Wurst I have ever had. VW runs a factory own butchering facility where they make the Currywurst so that every VW employee in Germany can eat a Currywurst in each German headquarter on a regular basis. The currywurst is on the VW’s cantine’s menue EVERY day.
    Love your blog! Keep up cooking!

    Greetings from Germany, Christine

    • Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Thanks also for sharing a bit more about the currywurst! I discovered it when I was in Berlin and literally everyone loved it! I’d even heard about the VW cafeteria currywurst but didn’t get a chance to try it =( Next time I’m in Germany I’ll have to try that as now it comes personally recommended! x

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