And the winner is…

*.*Jodie the BinomialBaker!*.*

Congratulations Jodie, and thanks for participating! You narrowly edged out all the competition to win with your guess which was the closest to the actual dish!

You know what this means, next week we’ll be cooking a dish from the BinomialBaker! She’s got SO many amazing dishes on her food blog though!! Check out the entire list here.

Maybe Avocado Mac & Cheese or Baked Eggplant Parm but the Nutella Brownies look so good! Veggie Boeuf Bourguignon then? (Cook it?? We can barely spell it!).

We need your help people!

We’ve managed to narrow it down to four. Vote for your favourite before Saturday the 17th and we’ll cook the most popular dish this Sunday! Simple as that!

Keep checking in with us for the next mystery dish, we could be cooking your dish next!


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