Recipe #11 : Cottage Fries

Recipe Number 11 is the first side dish we have tried this year. Have a look at the ingredient list :

  • russet potatoes, sliced into 3/8-inch thick rounds (about 4-oz per portion)
  • enough olive oil to coat
  • cayenne, salt, pepper, and dried herbs to taste
These crunchy fries went well with sour cream and cheese and although this may not be the most exciting potato dish we’ve ever eaten, it may well replace one of our previous go-to dinners. We also tried mixing some balsamic vinegar into the ‘marinade’. This made for fries which were a bit softer, but alot tangier, and tangy is always a good thing in our books! Check out our pics below for Chef John’s version and also our own variation with the balsamic vinegar; the Union Jack Flag in the picture is of course in honour of the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This recipe for cottage fries came from Chef John, whose funny video recipes make me look forward to cooking. Be sure to look at the video this particular recipe since quite a few more tips and optional steps were shared there :

As usual, here is a link to the full recipe – all 5 steps :).


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