Fail of the Week!

SO, in the spirit of falling off the horse, getting trampled by the horse and getting up and getting right back up on the horse (ooh that’s a mouthful), we’re starting a Cooking Fail of the week ‘competition’! It’s more than just a chance to laugh at someone else’s misfortune though (although that is a BIG part hehe), it’s about sharing our imperfections with others as well as encouraging each other not to throw in the towel, but to try it again!

Each week we’ll reblog one epic cooking fail. Simply share your cooking fail blog post with us and midweek each week we’ll select one to reblog! Simple right?!

We’re looking for epic failure, of course, but also a knowledge of what went wrong/plea for information about what went wrong, a resilient spirit and an optimistic non-defeatist attitude! We’ll kick things off this week with Amy at Afternoon Popcorn Snack’s self proclaimed “Epic Cake Fail”, enjoy!

Once again, here’s what you do:

Step 1: FAIL at a recipe (simple enough)

Step 2: BLOG about it (have a laugh, chances are someone else has failed at it too)

Step 3:  SHARE it with us (shoot us an e-mail at or just use the Guestbook)

If you can’t wait a whole week to get your ‘fail fix’ check this out. It’s a whole site dedicated to cooking fails! THIS is where you go when you want to feel better about your own cooking fails people!

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