Recipe #10: Home-made Ice-cream

The sun bleeds over the city skyline, the people trade sweaters and scowls for shades and smiles, and linger in the streets for a chat. The silver white winter has finally melted into spring; so begin the dog days of summer.

How refreshing to cool things down this week with homemade ice-cream! This recipe is surprisingly easy and unsurprisingly smooth, creamy and delicious! With absolutely no need for an ice-cream maker, less than 10 ingredients for the custard, and the ability to flavour it as you like, how could we go wrong?

We tried two variations for the flavour- vanilla and rum raisin. The vanilla had a wonderful texture and a wholesome taste that went well with chocolate chips and crushed walnuts. The rum raisin was equally satisfying- the perfect marriage of warm aromatic rum and cool sweet custard!

Kudos to foodie blogger extraordinaire at Jehancancook, your recipes have never let us down! This recipe (she did pistachio!)  gets the sistersizzle stamp of approval and we certainly won’t wait until next summer to try this one again!

And in the spirit of cooling down for the summer, here’s an article featuring 7 healthy homemade ice-cream  recipes.  They all sound delish but lose points for being too ice-cream-maker friendly or let me say for being non-ice-cream-maker UNfriendly!

Enjoy the recipes, the pics, and the summer! Stay frosty!

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Rum Raisin


    • You’re SO right! homemade ice-cream is soooo satisfying! I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to try it! and of course Rum Raisin is always a classic! It’s warm and cool at the same time! Gotta love identity crisis foods haha!

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