Recipe #9: Brazilian Chicken in Coconut Milk

How do you recover from a failed dish? Get right back up and try something else! Something classic, something not even a pair of zealous sisters could mess up.

Enter Brazilian Chicken in Coconut Milk – filled with seasonings like tumeric, cumin, cayenne pepper and more, this recipe filled our cupboards with missing supplies and provided a much needed ego boost. The addition of coconut milk gave this dish an excellent sauce that went very well with rice.

The cooking went smoothly and, while we thought the dish could use a bit more coconut milk, we found it spicy and memorable.

We’ll circle back to tennis rolls in the future but for now, with our Brazilian chicken done in less than 72 hours, it is nice to savor a success.

Here is a look at how differently our dishes came out.

Sister 1

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Sister 2

Recipe Here!


  1. So I’m pescatarian. Buttttt I still plan on hoarding this recipe for if/when I ever decide to go back to being a true omnivore. Anything with coconut milk – delishhhh.

    • i actually think this sauce would go perfectly with fish! you should try it and let us know how it turns out! if you adapt it for fish let us know your recipe and we’ll have a go at it as well!

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