Recipe #8 : Fail : Tennis Rolls

Ok, so a few weeks ago, we decided to try a dish which was a staple in our childhood. Tennis rolls- plump, sweet rolls whether filled with pb and j, cheese or just plain or with butter, were always a crowd pleaser. Now, miles away from our country of birth and decades away from our childhood, our mouths still water at the mention of this bread! So, in a desperate attempt to relive just one childhood breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack, we set out to make Tennis Rolls in our ‘old age’ and in our own kitchens.

One word: FAIL

They were rock hard and dry- more like buns than bread actually. The only thing that made them slightly redeemable (after all we DID manage to consume ALL 26 of them in less than 2 days) was that the flavour was dead on! Turns out the secret to the flavour of tennis rolls is, wait for iiiiiiit, LEMON ZEST! I mean, who’da thunk it??

Just to paint a picture of just how big a fail ours were though, THIS is what tennis rolls are supposed to look like:

De Cupcake Criminal’s Tennis Rolls

THIS is how the tennis rolls in the recipe we used looked:

Tastes Like Home’s Tennis Rolls

and THIS is what ours looked like:

:S I mean we don’t know what went wrong! Was the yeast not potent? Was the recipe itself bogus? Was it our technique? WERE THE STARS NOT PROPERLY ALIGNED?!?!

Please share your recipe fails with us and make us feel better ESPECIALLY if you know what we did wrong here. We’d LOVE to try it again!


  1. Hi there… just had a little giggle ….. I am now feeling much better about the chocolate cake I made for my hubby’s birthday that fell as flat as pancakes last week! We also ate it, but as chocolate desert! Hope you find a fix for your rolls! Good luck…..

    • Hehe, well we’re glad our epic failure was able to make someone else feel a tiny bit better about their own cooking disappointment! As for you, don’t worry, your husband will have another birthday next year….second time’s the charm! x

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