Jamaica: Stewed Fish in Brown Sauce

Dish: Stewed Fish in Brown Sauce

Location: Port Royal, Jamaica

Venue: Gloria’s

Review: Let me start off by saying that as a general rule, I’m usually against eating anything that still looks the way God made it! In other words, if by the time it reaches my plate it still resembles an animal in its original form, i’ll pass. So imagine my surprise when I ordered Stewed Fish in Brown Sauce and THIS is what the waitress put down in front of me. You can be assured that before my hand grasped the fork for the first exploratory pokes or before even one whiff of this dish tickled my nostril, my finger was already straddling the shoot button on my camera. It was doubt at first sight! HOOW in the world can something that’s not only looking at me but also baring its teeth at me, possibly taste good? My position on food is pretty simple. The process of cooking is not just to make food safe to eat, but it’s also to make it conscionable to eat! Any sort of food that makes you think too much about what it was or where it comes from (or why it looks soooo much like this guy you once knew….), shouldn’t be eaten!

ALL THAT aside however, like virtually everything else I’ve ever eaten in Jamaica, this dish was pure deliciousness! The brown sauce was tangy and rich and spicy and the fish was literally melting off the bone. The coleslaw was crispy and sweet and tangy and creamy and complimented the fish perfectly! Would I order this again? Probably not, been there done that, but I’m really glad I did!

P.s you know how all those foodies always pair up meals with drinks? Isn’t that obnoxious? Well too bad because I’m gonna do it too ^_^ My amateur recommendation: wash this down with freezing cold, always crisp and satisfying Old Jamaican Ginger Beer! Ahh!

Also, we’re not the only ones who ate and enjoyed food from Gloria’s at Port Royal! Check out this blogger who, like us, had to wait an eternity for food which was, even after 1.5 hours wait time, still incredibly worth it!


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it…with a Caribbean background (Haiti), I would say, most of the fish we serve always still have the head on…in a way… to us, if it doesn’t…it’s almost a symbol of “not fresh” and “cheap…processed” kind of a feel. I’ve also notice we also cook with very bold flavors as the main focal point , which is quite emphasized compared to focus on visual style preparation (ex. filet fish) of European and North American cuisine. I guess this is one of the reasons why I love global cuisine and getting to see their perception of what good food should look like to them…such a diverse view on preparation, platting and flavors… it’s so raw…less refined and amazing. 🙂

    • Hey Maika! Thanks for stopping by and we definitely hope you stop by again! We’re also Caribbean. Having been born in the Caribbean and having lived in 4 Caribbean countries ourselves, we are no strangers to seeing fish served up au naturale! That being so, I think we just prefer it a bit less naturale and a bit more filleted! It’s just a matter of taste though; the important thing is that the flavour of the fish was sooo good, it made us forget the face! After we were done with it, all that were left, were the very bones we’d wished were taken out in the first place! haha

  2. I won’t lie, I’d probably be terrified to eat it as well. But your description of it makes me hungry! Bring it on I say! Especially the Jamaican beer… mmm.

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