Scotland: Cloutie Dumpling

Dish: Cloutie Dumpling

Location: Balmaha Scotland

Venue: Oak Tree Inn

Review: When we ordered Cloutie Dumpling off the menu, we had no idea to what delectable new heights of deliciousness we would be ascending! To be honest, we had no idea what it was. We just glanced at the menu and, being in a different country, just tried to pick the most Scottish sounding item- delicious or not, at least we would be able to say we tried it.

We are now extraordinarily addicted to this dessert and in a desperate search to find out where we can order it online! Soooo, if you know, don’t hold out! Help us get high on a regular supply of this little delicious piece of Scotland!


    • oh my goodness, it was! we plan on trying a recipe for this ourselves in the next few weeks. if it’s any good we’ll let you know so you can try it as well!

    • hehe oh yes, the British love their custard! usually we just work our way around it but everything went so well with the Cloutie Dumpling not a drop was left after we were done!

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