A Bachelorette’s Dinner

… or breakfast, or lunch 🙂

Sometimes, the time, motivation and ingredients needed to compose an elaborate meal are lacking. When I find myself in these situations (and it does happen often), I reach for recipes that have 5 or less ingredients. One such recipe is a small cheesy rice dish that is both fun to look at and tasty!

First I place some rice in a bowl (made with a rice cooker of course ;))  

Next, I add bits and pieces of cheese over the rice. Grating is sometimes done but that means I have to clean my grater 🙂

Microwave for 30 seconds

Garlic and Onion  powder come next followed by red pepper flakes and black pepper  – this step can be done before microwaving

Warm Dinner is ready – perfect for a rainy day.

Sometimes I add some meat and vegetables to the dish but the bottom line is that I am done in 15 minutes or less.

What dead simple dish do you prepare when there is little time?


  1. Please add some equally easy to thaw mixed vegetables. That way you will have all the food groups. Cutting up a few ready to eat sausages and mixing that in would make things even healthier. Try it….no stress eating.

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