Recipe #5 : New York Cheesecake!

My love affair with cheesecake began 9 years ago with a very economical cheesecake recipe. I made it so much I even know it by heart: 16oz cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1 cup cream, ½ cup lemon juice 4 tbsp flour, 1 cup sugar and 2 Keebler Graham Cracker Crusts! I used to wonder why people were so fussy about making their own crusts and having a sour cream topping. I thought they were all snooty and obnoxious and as for their cheesecake recipe well I wouldn’t be at a loss for words to tell them where they could put it! I mean what’s the big deal about fancy schmancy New York Cheesecake?!

Now I know.

I died and woke up in cheesecake heaven. I never knew eating a bite of cheesecake could be such a transcendental experience! So creamy, so rich, so subtle, so bold! I can’t possibly convince you with words to try this recipe; you simply must experience it for yourself. Tasting is believing!

I encourage you to drizzle your favourite sauce over this piece of heaven, I used raspberry for mine!

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  2. I’m a cheesecake addict! I had previously never attempted making one until this year. I was afraid that I would ruin it. When I broke down and tried it (scared to death!) It turned out fabulous. I’m definitely going to try that recipe! Thanks for sharing. =]

    • haha! that’s hilarious! this one was a-mazing! it took HOURS from start to finish but definitely worth it! the only thing is make sure you have loads of people to share it with, it’s HUGE and you WILL eat it all by yourself otherwise! x

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